The West Nile Virus

When a person finds a dead bird they should:

Contact their local health department for instructions on reporting and disposing of the body. Throw it away as quick as possible, even if they need to use their bare hands. Hit it with a shovel to make sure that it is dead.

The following are good ways to prevent mosquito bites EXCEPT:

Use insect repellant while outside Wear long pants and sleeves during the dusk and dawn hours Keep good screens on windows and doors Maintain standing water since mosquitoes will drown in it.

What symptoms are NOT associated with a severe infection of WNV?

High fever, headache and stupor Disorientation, coma and tremors Convulsions, muscle weakness and vision loss Numbing of extremities, constipation and hair loss

What is the best way to avoid being infected with WNV?

Prevent sunburns Prevent mosquito bites Do not eat undercooked poultry Avoid intimate physical contact with another person who is infected.

What is the most likely way for a human to be infected with WNV?

Handling a dead bird Drinking Dirty water A mosquito bite Close contact with an infected person.

What is the typical path of WNV infection to humans?

Birds -- Mosquitoes -- Humans Mosquitoes -- Birds -- Humans Dirty Water -- Mosquitoes -- Humans Mosquitos -- Humans -- Humans

How soon do infected people get sick after being bitten?

Within a few hours Between 3 and 14 days After a month or two After six months

At what age do people become more susceptible to severe illness when infected with the WNV?

Infants 20 years 40 year 50 years

Where and when was the West Nile Virus first isolated and identified?

Australia in 1890 The West Nile district of Uganda in 1937 Kenya in 1972 South Africa in 1992

How many cases of WNV were documented in the United States in 2003?

62 536 4156 9862

What is the fatality rate for those who contract serious WNV symptoms?

5% 10% 25% 50%

Symptoms from a mild form of WNV infection include the following EXCEPT:

Anorexia Hair loss Rash Eye pain

The most conclusive diagnostic method to identify persons with WNV infection of the central nervous system (CNS) is detecting WNV-specific IgM antibody in CSF using MAC-ELISA.

True False

Which is the least severe diagnosis of WNV?

West Nile encephalitis West Nile meningitis West Nile Fever

Most people who are infected with WNV are contagious.

True False

Most people infected with WNV will not show any symptoms at all.

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Since there are no vaccines for WNV, treatment is best described as "supportive."

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Supportive treatment may involve which of the following:

Hospitalization Intravenous fluids Respiratory support Prevention of secondary infections All of the above

What is the most important risk factor for developing serious WNV illness?

Age Gender Weight Diet

Education about reducing the risk of infection is important for all persons in transmission areas.

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