California Law and Ethics

Laws and ethics provide the consumer protection and a set of expectations for the service they receive.

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It is within the scope of practice for the professional social worker to:

Prescribe Medication Use psychotherapy to help people have more satisfying adjustments Perform medical exams Date their client

Which of the following are violations which can result in the suspension, revocation or denial of a license or registration: 

Securing a license or registration dishonestly. Gross negligence or incompetence Engaging in sexual relations with a client Failure to maintain confidentiality, except as permitted by law All of the above

Because there are innumerable ways to violate appropriate practices, the ethical codes are not meant to be an exhaustive list of rules, but rather values and principles that guide social workers in their providing of services.

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Have a working knowledge of current laws and ethics:

Empowers you in being a more effective practitioner. Strengthening you against the possibility of litigation, criminal action or action again your license and livelihood. Both a and b.

The term “Prima Facie” means which of the following?

My face is better than yours I saw your face first. As it seems at first sight. We must follow the prime directive.

According to Reamer, in resolving ethical dilemmas, which of these would receive the lowest ranking of importance for the healthcare practitioner in making a decision:

Physical health Shelter Recreational Facilities Basic Mental Equilibrium

Counter-transference refers to:

The patient’s feelings toward the social worker. The social worker’s feelings toward the client. The ethical principle that it is counter-productive to transfer cases.

Which of the following is not accurate in regards to receiving consultation?

It is especially helpful when facing a complex ethical dilemma. There are no ethical confidentiality limits in consultations. It should be done with an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

Informed consent means the client is informed of and consents to all of the following except:

Appointment cancellation policies Limits of confidentiality Goals of treatment Fees for services Your marital history

Treatment goals must:

Meet the therapists needs for what they think is best. Relate to the desired end result sought by the clients. Help soccer teams win their match. Include how much money the therapist can make per session.

The violation of professional boundaries:

Is okay if you are already friends with the client. Is okay if you become personal friends with the client. Is one of the more common ways ethical principles are violated. May violate codes of ethics but will not result in professional discipline

Which of the following behaviors weakens professional boundaries?

Dual relationships Appropriate dress Limit setting Setting and maintaining time limits of sessions

The reasonable suspicion threshold for reporting child abuse means:

You must have seen it happen. Somebody else had to have seen it happen. You need to be sure before reporting. It is objectively reasonable for a person to entertain a suspicion.

In the case of elderly abuse, penalties for failing to report become more severe if it is determined that as a result of the failure to report the elderly person is injured or killed.

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In the Tarasoff case it was determined the therapist must warn the public if the client or another identifiable person is in clear or imminent danger.  

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According to HIPAA regulations patients should be able to see and obtain copies of their medical records and request corrections if they identify errors and mistakes.

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The following is required of healthcare providers/agencies by HIPAA regulations:

They have written privacy procedures They must train their employees in their privacy procedures. They must designate an individual to be responsible for ensuring the procedures are followed. All of the above.