Instructions and Policies

Course completion & CE info

Course completion requirements:
  • Read the course material
  • Pass the posttest. If you have not yet registered on the website, or logged in, you will be prompted to do so. The test will be graded automatically when submitted. Passing score is 80%. You may retake the test if you do not pass.
  • Fill out the mandatory Course Evaluation.
  • After submitting the course evaluation, you will be taken to the payment page. We accept PayPal, echeck and most major credit cards.
  • After submitting payment, you will be provided a link to print your certificate of completion. Test results of courses passed, receipts, and certificates of CE credit, are kept on your member account page for you to retrieve as needed.

Course interaction and system requirements

This course is an asynchronous, reading-based course done at the participant's own pace. on Mac requires Mas OS X 10.10 or higher; for Windows it requires Windows 10 or higher. on iPhone and iPad requires iOS 10 or higher; for Android it requires Android OS 4.0.0 or higher. recommends using the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer, etc. Grievance Policy

It is our aim to provide a great, informative, and hassle-free service in obtaining your continuing education. If, in any way, our service falls short of your expectations (with course content, obtaining your certificate of completion, navigating the website, etc.), or if you have feedback on how we can improve our content and services, we welcome and appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at (909) 628-4216, or email us at

We are available to answer your questions and respond in a timely manner. We will provide a full refund if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course. In those cases when an issue cannot be resolved through a refund or regular support, we provide a more formal grievance policy.

If there is a formal grievance the following procedure should be followed:

1. The complaint or grievance must be submitted by the participant in writing through email. This will help maintain a congruently documented level of communication.

2. The complaint is reviewed by the Social Work Consultant and the CE Director. The Social Work Consultant will be involved in the entire grievance process through resolution of all grievances involving social workers. 3. Questions regarding course content, exams and support are all discussed and answered in a timely manner-usually within 2 hours on weekdays between 8AM and 4:30PM.P.S.T.

4. Fair procedures and due process are part of the policy. The participant will be advised that they have the opportunity to support their allegations by arguments, however brief, and, if need be, by proof, however informal, and that such claims will be heard or reviewed by a certain date.
5. If the grievance cannot be resolved after these steps, the Social Work Consultant will discuss the grievance information with the participant in an effort to resolve the issue, and then render a final determination.

6. Any complaints and/or grievances are also reviewed by staff to improve the course content or service area pertaining to the complaint.

7. Either the CE Director or Social Work Consultant will respond to the participant in writing via email. If the participant is a social worker the response will be from our Licensed Social Worker Consultant.